Sunday, August 29, 2010


I had my eye on these babies when they first came out, and flirted with them all summer. These and their royal blue cousins. They carried them in every other shoe store here in Madrid, and I would stop in every few weeks just to visit, you know, see how our chemistry was holding up. But I just felt like I couldn't justify it. Cause, you know, I really need to be able to justify all my purchases. Right. Well, eventually, there comes a point in the summer when all purchases are justified. It's called Rebajas. Sale time. And then Segundas Rebajas. Which is when these finally came into my life, for a mere 20 euros.

I've been wearing them almost every day since then, they are ridiculously comfortable, and bright orange gladiators are actually much more useful than one would think. Ok, I could have paid 40 for them and worn them all summer, but they're so much better for half price! And it's still over 90 degrees here every day with no end in sight, so I'll get plenty of use before I have to put them away for winter.

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  1. ' ...just to visit, you know, see how our chemistry was holding up.'

    chuckled hard.


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