Monday, April 18, 2011

emerson made picks

Remember a while back I was searching for the perfect white blazer?  Well what about a lightweight linen tuxedo version?  Cute, right?

I've never ordered anything from Emerson Made, but it's been popping up a lot on my radar lately, so I thought I'd post some of my favorite pieces from their website.  The little cheetah belt reminds me of one I should have bought last year at J. Crew but didn't.  Still kicking myself for that one.


  1. a bit waiter-like? sorry...
    but I do love the linen topper.

  2. i love the "or both" jacket!!! its beautiful

  3. I love their stuff. I haven't bought anything either but I'm always tempted! That jacket is to die for!

  4. Love the linen blazer. It's very fresh compared to heavier materials. I can also see it working with a pretty dress underneath, perfect for summer. Unfortunately, I'm still trying to find the perfect white blazer. I like a longer, more masculine cut but I feel like everything is too boxy. They need to extend the fitted idea to women's blazers too!

  5. Emerson made + leopard prints = love


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