Tuesday, April 19, 2011

holy grail reconsidered

A few months ago I went on and on about how I'd found my hg foundation, which was actually a mix of two foundations that together resulted in a level of perfection that I thought meant I would never need to experiment again.  Well now I'm eating my words.  I've found a new holy grail foundation.  Apparently I'm fickle when it comes to cosmetics.  Go figure.

My new favorite: a mixture of Chanel Mat Lumiere (shade 20 clair) and Daniel Kern's moisturizer (though I'm sure any simple lightweight moisturizer would do the trick).

I've had the Mat Lumiere for a while now, but on it's own it went on a little too heavy, and I also found it oxidized a little dark on me.  I figured it would just sit on my shelf collecting dust until I gathered the guts to throw it out and forfeit all the money I'd blown on it, but when I hit bottom on my Armani LSF I thought I'd give it another shot.  So happy I did because I discovered that when I mix equal parts Mat Lumiere and my lightweight lotion, I end up with the perfect tinted moisturizer.  And the odd color problems are fixed too (maybe because it goes on so beautifully sheer and natural now).  I mix up a few days worth at a time and keep it in a little sample jar, and I just love it. 

I apply it with my foundation brush after my sunscreen.  Add a little cream blush in Penny Lane and a touch of Orgasm illuminator, both by Nars, and I swear, it's the best natural looking springtime glow you could ask for.

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  1. Love this tip! So many tinted moisturizers aren't quite right - either too little coverage or too greasy etc. Customizing it is so smart!

    Oh and I just busted out the Nars illuminator the other day too... great pick!


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