Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I recently took the plunge and bought myself a brilliant fuchsia lipstick. 

I originally had my eye on Nars Funny Face, but the idea of spending real money on a lipstick I wasn't sure if I even had the balls to wear was sort of off-putting.  So I did a little research and found some dupes, L'Oreal Color Riche No. 288, and Sephora Collection Mr. Lover (R10).  As far as I can tell, they're all pretty much the same.  In the states the L'Oreal one is probably the cheapest, but in Spain the Sephora lippie had the best price so I went with that.  I have no regrets.  And by the way, yes, it turns out I do have the balls to wear it.  Not only that but when this color fades, it does so evenly and leaves behind this gorgeous even pink stain.  Here's a more accurate shot of the color, laid on thick and rubbed out to a stain:

I highly recommend it.  Anyone else out there pushing personal beauty boundaries?  Fashion boundaries?  Life/love/work/adventure boundaries?  I say we attack this summer with reckless abandon in all things, big and small. 


  1. Pretty!

    My fave fuchsia is MAC's Girl About Town.

    I've been pushing my fashion boundaries by trying to wear more dresses -- never really been a dress girl. It's going okay, but I sure love my pants!

  2. I hear you! I'm not a dress girl myself, but I just recently bought 3 of them! Granted, some of them will go back, but still, even contemplating wearing them is a step forward for me!

  3. Gorgeous!! I usually wear a classic red, but have been thinking of doing a hot pink this season ...can't wait to check out your two recommendations! Hope you're having a lovely Tuesday. xx veronika

  4. Beautiful lip color! Such a great way to inject summer brights into an outfit!

    follow me-

  5. love that color on you... i have been using Maybell
    ine's Coral Crush... fun for summer...

  6. ok i thought this was a model ;-)

    Gorgeous! you look amazing.

  7. You're so pretty! Love that lip on you with the rest of your skin/eyes so natural. Gorgeousness!


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