Friday, August 5, 2011


Bird is one of my favorite online stores.  By which I mean I pretend shop there all the time.  So imagine my excitement this morning when we were trying to figure out where to have breakfast and I saw their logo on a sign up the street.  No, I thought, it couldn't be!  But YES!  It was!  I am staying just a few blocks from a brick and mortar Bird store!  And the first thing I see inside?  These lovely oxfords:

Dieppa Restrepo!  The stuff oxford legends are made of!  In person, ready to be handled and fondled and tried on.   They are lovely, and really substantial, by which I mean the leather feels thick and like it will last years and years even after softening around your feet.  As you can tell, I am seriously tempted.  How do you think they compare to all my other bone-colored oxford choices?

Being inside Bird was seriously exciting to me.  Husband waited patiently while I touched every single thing in the store and asked "Isn't this beautiful?!"  ("uh huh, sure, nice,")  Of course I want to show you all the things I fell in love with, but there's so many items in the store that they don't even have listed online.  After the jump, a few pieces that plucked at my heartstrings...

Thakoon asymmetrical sweater (here from net-a-porter)

Common Projects duck boots (here from ssense)
(for husband)


Say what?