Friday, August 19, 2011


We've all heard of Diptyque candles, and yes, they smell amazing, and yes, they do last a while, but it's always seemed excessive to me to spend that much on a candle.   For much less than that (albeit still a lot of money for a candle) you could get a soy Kobo.  I actually discovered these candles in the bathroom of a restaurant we went to the other day, and words cannot begin to describe how good that bathroom smelled.  Warm and cozy and inviting and wholly unbathroomlike.  The one they had burning was Tabac and Talc.

Going on my wishlist immediately.


  1. These are lovely! The packaging is very pretty. And I agree about those Diptyque candles...

  2. Lovely, gardenia is my fav for sure! Happy weekend!


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