Wednesday, September 28, 2011


We've all seen the fabulous Miu Miu glitter booties a thousand times by now, and I think somehow all that glitter is seeping into the collective unconscious and making us think glitter on our feet is not only ok, but desirable even.  I am aware that I am not Dorothy in Oz, or a stripper, or a beauty pagent contestant; it is absolutely not normal for me to want glittery shoes.  And yet, I want some.  There you have it, proof that we are all connected, as demonstrated through irrational sartorial cravings.

But maybe there's a more subtle way indulge these urges, just a touch of sparkle in the back...

Co-op Barneys glitter ankle boot (first peeped at style crusader)

Genius, right? 

Anyone else feel a DIY coming?  See more inspiration after the jump...

I personally think these Giuseppe Zanotti boots are way beyond my glitter threshold:

But they inspired this intrepid blogger to make her own.

While I love the idea, I'd prefer them in black glitter, like these from Topshop:

Yeah, I could totally get behind those.  Or, how about something a little bit tougher?  Check out these Doc DIYs:


Kind of awesome, right?  (Sorry I can't find the original source on those, if anyone knows please let me know!).

So, glitter or not?  Will you or won't you?  I think I definitely will be trying out some subtle version in a DIY form this fall.  That is, as subtle as gluing glitter to your shoes can be.


  1. I have been meaning to do a glitter post, but I was not sure as although I love the miu miu shoes I am not sure I would be able to wear them. Those Barneys bes are brilliant though!

  2. i want those maje ones!! i love the miu miu ones, but they're a bit of a trendy shoe... glitter isn't going to be a lifelong footwear trend sadly.


    Bang & Buck

  3. ah these are beaut! need a pair

  4. agree whit each and every word! :D
    and its okie 2 have a bit glitter in ur life or on ur shoes ;D


  5. I want the gold ones! I love how Miu Miu has that distinct bent in the heel.


  6. Awww I totally want the silver glitter with minty-yellow suede. They're too perfect and cute!


  7. Maje glitter heeled boots are beautiful !!!!



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