Thursday, September 29, 2011

continuing education

Well, some of you may have noticed that I'm not in London taking a ton of short courses at the London College of Fashion like I said I would be.  One of them got cancelled and I just couldn't justify going over there if it wasn't going to be a full-blown intensive immersion-type situation.  Probably for the best, the whole thing was pretty insane and rushed.  I will still be doing a 3-day course there in October, so stay tuned for more on that, but for now, I'm settling in to life at home in Madrid, and keeping my eye out for other enriching sources of education.  This workshop recently caught my eye here.

How fun does that look?  Learning photoshop in a course geared specifically towards bloggers, with tons of goodie bags and ridiculously good food?  With classes held in San Francisco, LA, New York, Boston, Paris and Berlin, it shouldn't be too hard to find myself near one of them eventually.  

Watch another cute Blogshop video after the jump...


  1. how cute is this lol

  2. Super video!
    Angela Donava


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