Friday, October 28, 2011


Our newest drinking glasses:

image from uncommon goods, also available at pedlars

No, they're not plastic, they're ceramic, and they fool everyone!  Why do I think it's a great idea to fool people into thinking our nice drinking glasses are really just crumpled up pieces of plastic trash?  I don't know, I just do.  The crumples also make them super fun to hold, though a word of warning: if you put hot liquids in them they become decidedly less fun to hold.


  1. I couldn´t see the image on your blog, but I did on one of the links. I love them, great design! <3<3

  2. I bought mine in Paris... and agree not good for hot drinks unless you like burnt fingers (I have the smallest size as well, and it is better for expressos) - but great design.

  3. Love these! I've seen them a few times before and they're stocked at a store by my house... totally love them! xx


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