Saturday, November 12, 2011

zipped into zara

On my way home from class today (yes, class, on a saturday) I ducked my head into Zara for a few minutes.  I found myself taken with the oddest assortment of items, most of which are totally impractical and irrelevant to my life.  Leave it to Zara to make you think you might just need a sequined blazer.

Or a snakeskin clutch.  Cause I totally need one, right? 

This scarf, on the other hand, I might actually get a ton of use out of.  Never mind that I have an entire bookcase at home filled with scarves.  The weird combination of the heavy tweed-y print and the lightweight gauzy texture is screaming my name.

Coming tomorrow, more Zara.  I just can't help it.


  1. The jacket is lovely. For some reason it could pass for a basic, because it works with everything and for many occasions despite being sparkly. Would be perfect to wear with boring old stuff and still feel sparkly and fun.


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