Thursday, December 1, 2011

made her think

These rose gold talon earrings really did make me stop and think.  And the thought was "I want these".  Is that what the name of the line refers to? 

Regardless, there is some gorgeous stuff from Made Her Think over at shopbop right now.  It's the rose gold that's really getting to me, but really I'm loving a lot of their pieces, delicate yet with a bit of an edge.

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I'm thinking the last pair would look stunning on my mama...


  1. oh please give me the earrings!

  2. i don't know why i think they'd be too heavy...

  3. Superrr..

    Angela Donava

  4. I think I need these earrings! They are SO beautiful - great find!

  5. Really cute jewellery! I love Rose Gold! I hope you can check out my blog too, it's my personal style and fashion blog from England. I would love for you to stop by and comment if you like it :) :)

  6. Fab jewelry! I love that double chain ring ♥
    xoxo Julieta


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