Friday, December 2, 2011

pleather pleasure

Today I went and returned the sleeveless coat (please, it's cold outside!  I need sleeves!  What was I thinking?!), but of course I couldn't come home empty-handed.  This little baby came home with me from Zara.

I got it in black.  Honestly the photos on the website don't do it justice.  I know it's pleather, but it's high quality pleather with a decent feel to it and not nearly as much sheen as you see in the photos.  In person it reminds me a bit of an A Wang bag, like a Rocco-Brenda hybrid or something.  Maybe I'm just kidding myself here, but I'm pretty pleased with it.  Also love that I can put my camera (by which I mean my husband's camera) in it with plenty of room to spare.

Of course, a few other bags caught my eye...

document carrier, studded clutch - I'm thinking ipad cases here...


  1. Wow - Zara has some lovely bags. I've really never checked them out before

  2. ! What kind of camera do you (or your husband) have that fits in here? I have a nikon d90, and I love to have it and take it out with me at night, but I hate having to carry the ugly carrying bag I bought for it (and i hate carrying it alone bc i'm always scared it will break!) Definitely thinking about purchasing this bag just so I have something cute to fit my camera in!

  3. i need to buy some bags from zara now. cuteee
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