Saturday, July 23, 2011


One of the top items on my List of Things to Buy While In the States is a pair of Tom's.  I know I'm late to the game on this, but in spite of the fact that everyone raves about them and they give away a pair of shoes to kids in need for every pair you purchase, I always just sort of thought they were glorified espadrilles or what we used to call 'chinese shoes' when I was a kid.  But then recently I tried on a friend's pair, and I was instantly seduced.  These bad boys are beyond comfortable; they are like little attachable clouds of support for your feet!  So I'm getting some.  For sure.  The question now is, which ones?

Something basic:

Or something striped:

more options and a special Toms collaboration after the jump...

first things first

My first day home has been filled with lots of catch-up time with my mama, watching crappy tv curled up on the couch with the boyz, coffee from Starbucks, a naked burrito from Qdoba, and trips to Target and Walgreens.  Some of you may laugh, but really truly, these are the first things I want to do/eat/shop when I get here.

I found some great stuff at Target including a super supple t-shirt that feels ridiculously expensive and a fun printed cropped blouse that is unlike anything else in my closet.

drapey modal t-shirt (got mine in black) and cropped boxy floral top

a few more of the day's all-important purchases after the jump...

Thursday, July 21, 2011

homeward bound

No wishful thinking here, I actually am homeward bound!  I cannot wait!  In 5 hours I'll be on a plane, and in 25 hours I'll be on the other side of the world nestled on the couch with the boyz and my mama, surrounded by the wet green smell of Madison summer nights.

We may not have an ocean, but our lakes almost make up for it. 

Don't let these pictures give you the wrong idea though, truth is, most of my vacation will probably be spent on the couch!  Oh, alright alright, I'll do stuff too.  Just let me rest for a few days...

images from wikipedia, and planetware

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

perfect styling

I came upon this outfit while browsing helmut lang sweaters, and I have to say, I am smitten with all three pieces and the sum of them together is simple perfection to me.   To whoever does the styling over at La Garçonne: well done.  I am a fan.  And please send me one of each of these.  Thank you.


individual pieces in all of their glory after the jump...

Monday, July 18, 2011

missing... what I'll be for a few days. Sorry for the temporary absence, but this shoot is taking all of me and then some. Tomorrow's the big day, so everyone, wish us luck! I'll probably be back posting in a day or two, but for sure by friday I promise I'll be back up and running.  In the meantime I leave you with the current front-runner for tomorrow's makeup:

photo from pinterest

Sunday, July 17, 2011

thoughts for tuesday's shoot

Here's some images I've been pinning today, all inspiration for the hair and makeup for tuesday's shoot.  I'm so exhausted that's all I can think of to say.  Must.  Rest.  Now.

for image sources see pinterest