Thursday, March 8, 2012


So we all know what today was: the day the Marni for H&M collection dropped.  10 am, doors opened around the world on one of the most exciting hi-low collaborations in a long time.  I'm not gonna lie, I had it marked down on my calendar.  But then I realized, it's thursday, I have ballet.  I love me some Marni, and I love it even more when it's actually affordable, but apparently I love my morning ballet class even more.  Go figure.

Class was done at 11:30, and I will admit to sneaking out a little early (who needs those big jumps anyway?) to run up to the Gran Via H&M stores.  I got there before noon, less than two hours after the doors opened, and there was nothing.  No.  Thing.  Not one shirt, not one bauble, not one shoe.  At least, not in the women's section.  There were however a few things left in the men's department, and a few hungry-looking women pawing through it all.  Me, of course, being one of them.

I caved.  I bought this coat.

In my defense, it's a beautiful coat, simple but impeccably designed, lightweight like a trench in the body with thick durable knit sleeves.  On the other hand, who am I kidding?  It's a men's coat and it's a too big on me.  I know, I was desperate, I got carried away by the excitement of the moment.  I probably will return it next week.  On the other hand, it does fit Husband pretty damn perfectly...


  1. i completely approve of this go-buy-it-and-get-it-out-of-your-system-then-return-it strategy.

  2. Isn't that annoying. I've stopped paying attention to these designer for less collections because they always sell out before I can get to them.

    Quiet Luxury

  3. I missed ballet tonight too! I also teach an adult jazz class and I had to miss that. :(


  4. Because ballet is awesome. Duh. Nice clothes though.

  5. How nice of you to snag that for your man :)

  6. Crazy that everything was sold out! I saw people were going into the store in London the next day and still being able to buy stuff. I ordered one of the men's printed shirts online but it hasn't arrived yet... Fingers crossed I actually like it!

  7. Ooooo, the coat is gorgeous. Let your husband keep it! It's too good to return. xx


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