Friday, April 27, 2012


I've been thinking we need a loveseat.  No, we don't have room, but maybe we can cram it in.  I'd put it in our shared light-filled office, and it would be a place where we can stop working, step away from our desks, and curl up with a book, together or separately.  The more time I spend tied to my computer for work, but more I appreciate the importance of occasionally sitting elsewhere, even just for 10 minutes.  As it stands now we just have one comfy chair in here, but if Husband beats me to it I'm forced to either sit in a dining chair, or go into the much darker living room.  And wouldn't it be nice to take little mini-breaks together?  Just a fantasy right now, but it may soon turn into an obsession, and I may have to take a mini-trip to a not-so-min-ikea some day soon.


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