Friday, September 7, 2012

beanie love

I am in love.  It happened to me around the same time last year, and it's happening again.  At the time I thought I might be a wee bit insane for spending so much money on a mere beanie, but I wore them nonstop all year and they're still going strong; they have been the source of much happiness in my life.  So now I don't feel so shy about proclaiming my love for this little knit item.  These magical beanies from Steven Alan are lusciously thick and sturdy, not to mention they come in all these super covetable colors.  I'm thinking maybe navy.  And maybe burgundy for the husband.  (Which means I get to steal it all the time.)  Oh, and maybe red too...


  1. I like it! I want it :D

  2. All of them are absolutely fabulous!

    Would you like to float with us? :)

    XX,Sonia & Angie


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