Monday, September 10, 2012

postcards from the edge

More from Vancouver!  How pretty is this city?   (And how excited was I to see Canada geese in Canada?  Disproportionately so, I'd say.)
A huge oak tree planted on top of a condo building, a joyous decked out bicycle, and two giddy tourists (yup, that's us), this city charmed us completely.  See more of my favorite Vancouver moments and recommendations after the jump...

One of the absolute best moments on our trip was kayaking on English Bay Beach.  It was one of the most exhilarating and simultaneously peaceful experiences I've ever had.  We don't have pictures because everything you take out with you gets wet, but the photo above with the geese?  That's where we went, out into the bay, halfway around Stanly Park.  I cannot recommend this enough, it really was almost a mystical experience.  The guys at Ecomarine were super helpful getting us out there, and they have 2 for 1 on tuesdays.  If you're in town you should absolutely do it.  Just saying.
We took out some time to lie on the huge beanbags on Robson Street, made from old sails from Canada Place.   They were really surprisingly comfy and I loved the way everyone was just plopping down, to chat, to read, to rest, to play.  There seems to be such a happy open sense of community there, it was really a joy to be around.
We also stopped at the OK Boot Corral in Gastown and tried on everything in sight.  The owner is a trip, so if you've got some time to spare I highly recommend checking it out.  We brought two beautiful tooled belts home with us, his and hers.  Aren't they gorgeous?

Other highlights from out trip included eating.  And eating.  And eating some more.
Gyoza King in the West End was just a short walk from our hotel.  We went there more than once.  I think you can see why.
Go Fish near Granville Island gets special mention for its salmon tacos and fish & chips.  I also highly recommend the Japadog trucks for the best and fanciest hotdogs you'll ever have, and Hubbub Sandwich Bliss for mind-boggling (but be warned: mad hot and spicy) pulled pork sandwiches.  Award-winning Bella Gelateria also rocked my world.  It was recommended by a friend who said it was better than Italian gelato, to which I scoffed (secretly, to myself, inside), but it was frickin' amazing.  Seriously.  We ate that stuff so fast there was no way I was going to be able to get a photo.  Awards well deserved, Bella!
Most of all I suggest wandering the quiet streets and beautiful beaches, especially at night.  Take off your shoes, roll up your pants, dip your toes in the water, and take deep breaths.  Vancouver, you really grounded us and filled us with energy for the year ahead.  Thank you!  Special thanks also to Anya for her great advice on where to go, eat, and shop.

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