Wednesday, September 26, 2012

death of an ipod

Do you even remember these? The ipod mini, from 2004.  Doesn't seem so mini now, does it?  But still, I have loved this little guy so much.  It was a gift to me, along with mini travel speakers, when I first came to Spain.  I planned on being here 4 months.  We can all see how well that plan worked out, can't we?  Regardless, this guy helped me through the loneliest days in the beginning, and has moved with us many times, bringing music to countless Madrid kitchens since then.  Recently, I am sad to report, it coughed and sputtered and then it was gone.  Rest in peace Mini.  Thanks for all the good times.

Loved you most for the sweet engraving on the back.


  1. Ah such a bummer that it has died on you! Very nice homage to it though. I hope you've gotten yourself a new one. xx

    1. Thanks. I've had two others since then, a classic which died prematurely (sad when they go young) and a nano which I'm still using and loving. Sadly the nano is showing signs of old age too, not letting me rewind and things like that. Waiting for the next generation before I replace that one. But it's this ancient mini that I was most sentimental about! Funny how we get emotionally attached to these things.

  2. your blog is great! such a good layout and style of the photos. glad i found it! :)


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