Friday, September 21, 2012

leather and lace

While everyone else seems to be putting studs on their oxfords (not that I'm against it, I'm actually loving these, these and these), Valentino went a little softer for something that is totally unexpected.  A little tongue-in-cheek, these laser-cut patent leather lace applique brogues play on the feminine/masculine duality in the most charming way.  If I had the money to spare I would put these in my everyday rotation for sure.


  1. Valentino keeps getting it right when it comes to shoes. I never liked Oxfords but I would wear these in a minute. I recently saw a woman walking down the street with these:
    And I called out "I love your shoes!" from my car.

    1. That's hilarious. Did she hear you? Did she react?

  2. Valentino has been getting so good, so young, and so cool lately.


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