Friday, October 12, 2012

basic goodies

Today I shipped off 6 more dvds to film festivals in an ongoing process that gets more streamlined but no less annoying by the day.  To celebrate I ducked into Zara on my way home.  Picked up some superb basics, I'm kind of over the moon about them.  Check them out...

perfect 3/4 sleeve drapey slightly sheer linen t-shirt (when you find something you love, buy more than one)

magical skinny black pants that fit like a dream* (it says satin, but they feel more like brushed cotton to me, almost velvety soft to the touch).

*extra weird because though they say "slim fit medium rise", none of the other pants with that description at Zara have ever fit me.  And these are perfect.  So, just in case that happens to you too, don't give up!


  1. oh, yes yes! yes! basics. I always go back to the basics. I am only missing a perfect army green sleeveless parka jacket. imposible to find. And it would go so good with all those striped shirts and red/burgundy pants I bought!

  2. Love the pants!Really great basic item!


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