Wednesday, February 27, 2013

how we got started

My pal, the very talented Aaron Thomas, has just released his newest album Blues and Greens, with some of my favorite songs on it.  Good stuff, I highly recommend you check it out.

I was lucky enough to be a part of the music video for the single "How We Got Started" (directed by the fabulous Alonso J. Lujan - yeah, I know, I might be biased), both in front of and behind the camera.  Creative consultant and 2nd Assistant Director were two of the hats I got to wear, and then at the party I got to wear this hat as well. 

(Did you spot me?)


  1. Your friend is a very talented man and I genuinely enjoyed the track. I also had a fun time trying to spot you. I kept having to hit the pause button so I could see you properly. How do you get to do such cool things?

    This was made pre-haircut wasn't it? Does your hat still work with the hair? I can only wear hats when I tie my hair up or else it all looks really weird.

    1. Your comment made me smile a sweet smile of happiness. I am (knock on wood) lucky enough to be surrounded by extremely creative people who are open to collaboration and teamwork, and I often get to participate in unexpected ways. It's partly also because I'm going through a "what to do when I grow up... again" phase, and I'm saying yes to every opportunity that comes my way. So I get to AD and write and make puppets and choreograph and design and direct and research, and hopefully one day all this will settle into some sort of reliable free-lance work or even a full-time job of some sorts... We'll see. For now, I'm just devouring every opportunity I get!

      As for the hair, yes, this was pre-haircut. Your comment also made me run to my hat and see if it still works. Which is does, though now I look like Molly Ringwald. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, just a new one ;)


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