Friday, March 1, 2013

ulla johnson

Some gorgeous and super wearble stuff in Manhattan designer Ulla Johnson's Fall 2013 line.  Both of these shots make me want to wear exactly what this gal's wearing today, the marled elbow patch sweater with a big black hat or deep red paired with magenta tailored pants, both looks just seem so easy and effortless without looking the least bit thoughtless.

More from Ulla...

That big grey hat might be a bit hard to pull off unless you live in Texas, but everything else seems like you could just live in it, no?


  1. I love it when I see something that looks like it would fit perfectly with the rest of my wardrobe, some times I wonder if I'm too influenced or some things just agree with my taste perfectly :)

  2. I've not heard of Ulla Johnson before - I love discovering new designers like this. It totally appeals from a colour and design perspective. This is wearable fashion but styled oh so beautifully. And I like the way you've done a set of the outfits and just included the one purple and red outfit which just focuses your eye. Love little details like this. Will you be constructing a similar outfit with the red and purple - I was thinking you have the red Oysho top to start you on your way?

    No Ulla Johnson stockists in the UK that I can see - and only have about 5 pieces. Le sigh.

    1. Yeah, the downside of discovering new designers is that sometimes it's more hypothetical, often hard to get your hands on the stuff. I actually did try to do a similar color palette the other day with a peachy button down and a magenta cardigan over the top, but after a few hours I realized that sweater has seen better days and the cut just wasn't me anymore, so it went into the donation box and I threw on something grey. So, no go as far as replicating this look, but at least my drawer is one sweater lighter, always a good thing!


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