Wednesday, July 24, 2013


I finally got around to watching Martha Marcy May Marlene the other day.  Nevermind that I never get the title right and just mumble things that start with 'm', I've been meaning to watch it for ages now.  If you haven't yet seen it, you absolutely should, even if just for the stunning cinematography.  The colors, the images, that slow and quiet pacing, I couldn't tear my eyes away from it.

It's one of those films where you walk away thinking maybe the substance wasn't all that substantial, but the art of it, the sheer beauty of it, more than makes up for that.  Plus, strange as it may sound, Elizabeth Olsen's face is lovely to look at. 

More beautiful stills from the film...


  1. Is it happy or sad? If it's sad and angst ridden, I can't watch. Too many tortured souls, I can't watch. If there's too much tension, I can't watch. Any blood and guts, I can't watch ... see there's a pattern here ... too much of anything and I can't watch. I also have a rubbish attention span. Which means I miss out on an awful lot of good films actually.

    1. Gosh, that is pretty limiting, huh? I myself only refuse to see movies that look like manipulative tear-jerkers, those are the worst in my opinion. But tension, violence, blood and guts, I'm pretty good with all that ;) This movie isn't what you would call a feel-good movie, definitely not funny or uplifting in any way, but on the other hand I didn't find it very sad or disturbing really. But then again, I may have a pretty high tolerance, depending on my mood. What kinds of films do you like?

    2. I'm not sure and that's the truth but I watched The Intouchables the other night along with the other half and found myself engrossed in it. Enough for me to put the laptop down and concentrate on the film which is a bit of a rarity and I had a little happy tear in my eye at the end. Just a little one. Sniff. But I didn't mind. And I had to read subtitles!

    3. Wow. From the article you linked to: "A millionaire paraplegic Parisian hires as his latest care-giver a black immigrant ex-con." Sounds like exactly the sort of tear-jerker manipulative movie I would avoid, ha! But then, sometimes these things are so well done they surprise you and teach you a lesson about any preconceived ideas you might have. I might just check it out, thanks for the recommendation!


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