Monday, July 22, 2013

still summer

I'm on sort of a spending diet lately, saving up for some big expenses on the horizon, but of course that doesn't stop me from fantasy shopping.  Problem is, all my fantasy shopping leans towards fall: layered sweaters and button-down shirts, long pants, lace-up shoes...  You'd think that since this is just hypothetical shopping we're talking about, it wouldn't matter, but it conditions me to crave certain things, and then to be disappointed when I can't actually wear them.  So today I felt the need to remind myself of something pretty important: It's still summer.  You'd think I'd have no trouble remembering, since it hasn't dipped below the 90s here in over a month, but I still find myself looking wistfully at my favorite long sleeve garments thinking that maybe a light breeze will necessitate an extra layer sometime soon.  Not gonna happen.  And really, that's not a bad thing, you just have to embrace it for all that it is.

So just as a reminder, some fabulous summery things to covet...

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Day Look: Easy casual chic sportiness, what more could you want?  A lightweight striped linen tank cut specially to show off you fabulous deltoids from all those days at the pool, paired with some roomy cropped pants.  Go sockless with your chuckies or use this secret weapon, and then dress the whole thing up a bit with a delicate anklet and a single glam-rock earring.

Sleep Well: Some people sleep in the buff in the summertime but honestly I love a little nightie or cute pjs with shorts - feels way more luxurious to have decent sleepwear rather than just the t-shirts that are too ratty to wear in public anymore.

Evening Look: When the sun goes down, take advantage of the cooler temperatures and, yes, I know it's a radical idea, but try this: Leave the house!  Slip on a cool silk shirtdress with tough lace-up clogs and some delicate gold jewelry.  Now if only I would practice what I preach on this one...

How about you?  Are you yearning for autumn days yet?  Or is the heat where your heart's at?


  1. I love the summer time because the sunshine does really make everything look that much better but ... the temperatures have to be just so that I'm comfortable, not sweating, not huffing and puffing and I can leave the house without a coat. Not asking much am I?

    I love the grey trousers you featured - love the worn in details and the burgundy chuckies get my vote too for lifting the whole colour palette. Autumnal in tone (burgundy is an autumn colour for me) but still good. And sleeping in the buff - no thank you - who wants to come in to your room and see your naked derriere or what if there's a fire? These things bother me. :o)

    1. I thought you'd get behind those chuckies! Ever since my crazy sneakers purchase I've realized sometimes the pop of color can come from your feet, and sometimes it's just enough to make you smile. And yes, those pants are pretty perfect-looking, plus with the 3% spandex they have, you can bet they'd be super comfortable.

      You are hilarious worrying about the firemen. Or wait, I made that up, read a little too much into your comment, didn't I? Still, cracking me up.

  2. you are not alone in this feeling. just yesterday I tried to work a pair of ankle boots into my flowy flowery skirt and paper thin t shirt outfit. it didn't really work :)

    1. Ha! I actually wore my ankle boots this morning with some cropped jeans and a tank top. It's pretty cool here in the early morning hours so I got away with it, but there will have to be a costume change for the rest of the day for sure.

  3. I love this pic, it is so fresh, and I just want to go into this house, to feel relax :)

    New post on my French blog:

    Red Rain boots + Paris tee-shirt


    1. Thanks! That's actually a photo from our vacation in Mexico; I'd like to go back into that house and relax too!


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