Friday, May 15, 2009


Means calves. As in lower legs. As in the word the neighborhood shoe repairman used when he exclaimed "You have enormous calves!".

I'd taken my Durangos in to have the shaft stretched a bit. They fit well, but I thought it'd be nice for there to be a little bit more wiggle room at the top. When I went yesterday to pick them up, I tried them on and I swear, they were no different than before. And that's when he took a peek and said "What big calves you have," I should have said "The better to kick you in the head with my dear", but all I came up with was "Yeah." Ha! Take that shoe fixer guy!

Anyway, then I guess he felt a little awkward or something cause he followed up with "I mean, I'm just saying it because I'm looking at them. I can see them right now, and you have very very big calves. I mean, I'm looking right at them and I can tell that they're big." Gosh, thanks for the clarification. And then he says "I don't know what you expected, I mean, they weren't going to stretch that much".

So I took a deep breath and smiled and said that they fit fine, but that they'd fit exactly the same when I brought them in, and he said fine, he'd stretch them again, and since I'm going out of town for a while I can just bring them in whenever I want and just remind him what had happened and that he of course wouldn't charge me anything. Which is great. I can just see myself going in at the end of june... "Hi, remember me? The girl with the enormous calves?..." Viva EspaƱa!


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