Monday, September 17, 2012

uo t

Seems like I'm always going on and on about the perfect t-shirts.  But not only is it one of the most important staples in my closet, it's also the kind of thing where you want to have options.  Like, if I'm feeling flush, I'll splurge on T by A Wang.  If I'm near COS, I'll stock up there.  But if I'm in the states and I want to spend less than $25?  Urban Outfitters to the rescue.  And let me tell you, this is a perfect t-shirt.

The pinky nude is my favorite, but I'm thinking I may need to get some of the other colors too.   They drape perfectly and are buttery suede soft.  One piece of advice though: size down.  Way down.

Do you have a secret source for perfect T's?

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  1. That definitely looks like the perfect t-shirt. So comfy and in so many great earthy colours. I love it.



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