Monday, January 14, 2013

harrow two ways

I spent the entire weekend in my new boots.  So good.  They are indeed as comfortable as I'd hoped, and I can in fact walk for hours in them.  Saturday night my boots and I even stayed out til 3 in the morning (a huge accomplishment for a homebody like me) and my feet barely complained at all.

I realize that I may have made the Harrows sound somewhat finicky and difficult to wear in my review, and while it's true that they're not all-purpose boots, they are still extremely versatile.  Not to mention awesome.  So I thought I'd share a few styling options as I bask in the glory of my new booties. Some of what I'm wearing is from seasons past, like the wool pants from Cos and the cashmere sweater from Uniqlo in the photos above, but I've listed similar items below.

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

Option A pairs relaxed masculine trousers, rolled up to show a little ankle (and the boots, not gonna lie) with a slim-cut cashmere sweater.  Option B flips the silhouette, with my favorite skinny pants on the bottom and looser tops: the comfiest t-shirt known to man (all T-by A Wang is good in my opinion, but the slub ones are the absolute best) and a roomy cashmere sweater by Vince (I've been living in this one).  The slim pants just reach the top of the boot shaft on me, leaving a clean line and just a tiny triangle of skin in the front of the ankle.  Victorian sexy. 

And yes, as you can see, I'm still madly in love with my boots.  Anyone else feel this way about their footwear?


  1. "victorian sexy" ..bahahah. That's how I should describe my entire sense of style. Love that.

    Umm..You have NO idea how obsessed I am with Wang footwear. I honestly cannot even express how jealous I am that you own these boots. It's pretty much my life dream to own a pair.

    Great styling. Sweaters are kind of my staples lately. Oversized=best. Love your style, love your boots,


    1. Thanks! I'm with you, sweaters are addictive, and slightly dangerous, because sometimes I think, why would I ever wear anything else? At least the seasons will eventually force me to change it up a bit!

  2. Fabulous - I like the first styling with the greys and the Cos trousers. And I like the peep of skin because it's just the right amount. I think Rag & Bone got it right with the way they designed that front opening but kept the whole ankle area fairly "tight" whereas I struggled with a pair of Ash Jalouses because they were too wide and where they dipped, you could see your socks which is so not sexy.

    What is really surprising me though is I actually like the colour of the sweater in picture A and I never normally go for pastel shades but it works so well with the trousers. Lovely to see an outfit post like this - it gives me a much better sense of your style.

    1. Thank you Sue! You are so sweet. I do agree with you, these boots are perfectly balanced in their design. But I will say too that I'm not wearing socks, I'm wearing those teeny tiny little socklette things that just barely wrap around the soles of your feet. A regular low-cut ankle sock would definitely show with these boots.


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