Saturday, October 1, 2011


I'm really really starting to get excited about fall.  I'm just itching to start layering!  Especially this year when I have this irresistible urge to button my collar all the way up and have it peek out from under sweaters.  I've actually been thinking a lot about collars lately.  I always thought these detachable collars were sort of a silly idea, I mean, why wouldn't you just wear a whole shirt?  But then I saw this from Citizen Couture (via because I'm addicted):

It pretty much rocked my world.  I don't quite know what's going on here, if that's attached to her top or separate, but all I know is I want a collar like that now.  While I couldn't find the exact piece she's wearing, (let me know in the comments if you know what it is!) I did find these from Eleven Objects:

Different, but also pretty fun.  Loving the idea of not just wearing them with a crew neck sweater as if there were a shirt under there, but of pairing them with a low cut top like in that photo or with a plain white t-shirt, and playing up the separateness of them.  Also thinking a DIY might be in order here.  Once I get my sewing machine, that is.  Which I will get once I get the back room organized.  Which I will get to once we finish our new office space...  Ok, so I'm still quite a few steps away from having my own stand-alone collar, but I'm working on it.

Friday, September 30, 2011

fresco turkish towels

These 100% turkish cotton towels from L.A.-based company Fresco are literally making my heart flutter.  I first spotted them a few days ago over at Honestly WTF and haven't stopped thinking about them since.  Fresco has over 100 different designs in towels, bathmats and even bags, in absolutely stunning color combinations that have me oohing and aahing over terry cloth - something I thought would never happen.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

continuing education

Well, some of you may have noticed that I'm not in London taking a ton of short courses at the London College of Fashion like I said I would be.  One of them got cancelled and I just couldn't justify going over there if it wasn't going to be a full-blown intensive immersion-type situation.  Probably for the best, the whole thing was pretty insane and rushed.  I will still be doing a 3-day course there in October, so stay tuned for more on that, but for now, I'm settling in to life at home in Madrid, and keeping my eye out for other enriching sources of education.  This workshop recently caught my eye here.

How fun does that look?  Learning photoshop in a course geared specifically towards bloggers, with tons of goodie bags and ridiculously good food?  With classes held in San Francisco, LA, New York, Boston, Paris and Berlin, it shouldn't be too hard to find myself near one of them eventually.  

Watch another cute Blogshop video after the jump...

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


We've all seen the fabulous Miu Miu glitter booties a thousand times by now, and I think somehow all that glitter is seeping into the collective unconscious and making us think glitter on our feet is not only ok, but desirable even.  I am aware that I am not Dorothy in Oz, or a stripper, or a beauty pagent contestant; it is absolutely not normal for me to want glittery shoes.  And yet, I want some.  There you have it, proof that we are all connected, as demonstrated through irrational sartorial cravings.

But maybe there's a more subtle way indulge these urges, just a touch of sparkle in the back...

Co-op Barneys glitter ankle boot (first peeped at style crusader)

Genius, right? 

Anyone else feel a DIY coming?  See more inspiration after the jump...

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

buying confidence

The other day when I shopping I made a decision: I am only going to buy pieces that make me feel incredible about myself.  Regardless of how gorgeous/innovative/beautifully made or designed it might be, if it doesn't do anything for me when it's on me, I will not spend money on it.  And, by the same logic, if I find things that make me feel like a rock and roll princess, that make me feel elegant and powerful and unstoppable in my daily life (or beyond), then I will buy them, even if my rational brain says "It's just a t-shirt!  An overpriced t-shirt!"  So, new to my closet, and making me feel invincible beyond the grasp of all logic...

So there you have it.  Yes, I spent a ridiculous amount of money on t-shirts.  And yes, I feel damn good about it.  Feeling good about my new shopping philosophy in general; let's see how long I can keep it up.  Any of you have any shopping rules?  And do you actually follow them?

Monday, September 26, 2011

the perfect beanie

It may not look like much, and you might be thinking, who in their right mind would pay $135 for a beanie?!  But I, my friends, have found the holy grail of hats.  This baby soft alpaca knit hat from Ann Demeulemeester has the perfect weight, the perfect slouch, the perfect ribbing... What I'm trying to say is, it's perfect.  So who would buy such a thing?  Me.  That's who.

after the jump a few Demeulemeester items that haven't yet made their way into my closet...

Sunday, September 25, 2011


How cute are these funny striped brogues?   Check out the inspiring interview with George Esquivel in the current net-a-porter magazine issue.  It's always so great to hear how designers got their start, especially when it's so unexpected and even accidental.  I also love seeing the details of the shoe-making process, how they punch those wingtip holes by hand, the little thank you cards in each box, all those details really make things special. 

top: linea, above: davis