Friday, January 25, 2013

clutch me

I stopped into Oysho yesterday to grab some pretty undies on sale, and inexplicably walked out with this clutch.  Of course I picked up some sale items as well.  Please.  As if I could resist.

See the details...

I'm not really a clutch kind of gal.  The idea of having to actually hold something while you're out and about, not to mention remembering to pick it up if you put it down, it just seems like too much work.  (Do I get a prize for laziest lady ever?)  The only time I would grab a clutch is if I'm running out to buy bread, hardly a moment worthy of any glam. 

Yet somehow I was drawn to this little guy. I think it will do nicely for errand running, and will also serve as a useful carry-all for switching between purses (a technique I highly recommend, no more forgetting your lip balm/wallet/keys/gum when you change bags!).  I also love that vintage-feeling snappy action as it opens and closes.  So satisfying. 

And yes, I also picked up this oversized cardigan (mine is off-white, but online they only have this sweet baby blue) and this viscose/silk blend t-shirt in a gorgeous deep red.  You may know (I seem to have been harping on this just the other day) I have a weakness for T by Alexander Wang tees, especially the slub ones, and this one is extremely similar - noticeably less soft, but also, at only 6 euros, about 1/15th of the price.  So there.


  1. pretty colour on the t-shirt. and the nails.

  2. I love that clutch! It's so simple but very sleek and versatile.


  3. Oh I'm too late and there is hardly anything left on the website any more. I went to have a little nosey because I like the clutch and wondering whether that could double up as a new makeup bag for me as well. I do like Oysho as they do do some really nice clothes but I am a little perturbed by the sizing as I did order a pair of lounge pants/joggy bots in a size small and couldn't get them past my knees which was a shame as the pants were really lovely. I like the red linen tee - it's not a colour I would have thought of getting but I can see how it would create some dramatic impact just because of the shade. I do love linen tees - I have three which are all from Zara though.

    Just letting you know, I've put a link back to your blog today.

    1. The clutch is from the new collection so you should be able to order it, was it not available on the UK site? They are, in fact, selling it as a little makeup bag, so you are right on the money with that one! As for their sizing, yes, their bottoms tend to run small, I always end up with a large (and I like to think of myself as not a large, ha!). But once you get the sizing figured out I think it's really worth it, it's one of my favorite Inditex brands and I think the quality holds up fairly well as well. The red tee is actually viscose and silk (!) but it does look like those great Zara linen tees, I know exactly which ones your talking about.

      And thanks for adding me to your blogroll! Always an honor!

    2. Just saw that it wasn't the blogroll but a full on shoutout in your post! Thanks Sue!

  4. Great finds! I know how you feel about clutches. It'll be well worth it, though. Truly a classic wardrobe must-have(should the occasions arise).


  5. That clutch is so chic! I love how simple it is, it is definitely a basic piece to have.


  6. Tengo que pasarme por las tiendas, los últimos días de rebajas dicen que se encuentran buenos chollos. A ver si voy esta tarde!


    1. Si! Todavia quedan unas cuantas cositas, y estan hiper- mega-rebajadas. Yo me voy a pasar una vez mas esta semana. Lo bueno tambien es que ya no es tanta locura, la mayoria de la gente ya ha hecho sus compras y esta todo bastante tranquilo.


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